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VAR Partners

Value-Added Reseller (VAR) Channel Partner Program

Tailored with you in mind: on-demand, on-site deployment of SSL Certificates, Code Signing, Email Encryption & Adobe CDS Digital Certificates for your customers.

VAR Partners deliver the highest value to their customers by incorporating easy, on-site access to GlobalSign Digital Certificate solutions.

Easy to use web based portals and structured rollouts ensure VARs can effortlessly solve customer security issues and provide value-add X.509 Certificate services via the cost effective and highly secure range of GlobalSign Digital Certificates.


Become GlobalSign's Partner and get access to:

  • A more competitive and comprehensive value-add service
  • Increased revenue opportunities
  • On-demand, on-site access to deploying and managing your customer's SSL Certificates
  • The full Adobe CDS (Certified Document Services) product range for digitally signing / certifying Adobe PDFs for document security solutions
  • Managed Digital Certificate solutions for email encryption, network authentication
  • Code Signing for securing code from ISVs and development houses
  • GlobalSign's unique Trusted Root solution - deploy publicly trusted Certificates via an inhouse Certificate Authority solution such as the Microsoft CA
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